Team Building Adventures

Team Building Adventures
Effective Team Building Adventures Available Minutes From The Office

Whether you want to foster better communication between sales teams, achieve a heightened level of trust between team members or you want your team to bond, focus or think "out of the box" when problem solving you can accomplish it and keep everybody laughing throughout the process. And you don't even have to travel far to do it.

Tahoe Adventure Company offers a world class setting for effective team building adventures, only minutes away from northern Nevada offices. You can choose from more than a dozen Beach or Lawn Olympics activities or select Custom Frisbee Golf through an Orienteering Challenge Course.

Olympics options include some serious team building challenges. Using a section of half round pipe to move marbles may sound easy but there are challenges along the way so teamwork is essential.

Getting an object from point A to point B may seem like it will be a piece of cake but if only one member can see, only one member can talk and one member can move communication is vital!

Keep everybody on a piece of "magic carpet" presents a different challenge, when the entire group has to move to the other side of the carpet.

Pitching a tent becomes more challenging when half the team can see but they can't touch the tent. The blindfolded people are the ones who put the tent up following instructions from their sighted colleagues.

"There's always a lot of laughter during the team building challenges," says Kevin Hickey, owner of the Tahoe Adventure Company.

Candace Snyder who planned a reunion at Lake Tahoe and utilized the Tahoe Adventure Company for activities wrote, "...we did Orienteering/Frisbee Golf with 27 people and Kayaking with 24 people. It was a fun as well as a community building and learning experience. Many people in our group voiced their appreciation of Tahoe Adventure Company staff."

If companies would like a half-day of kayaking between meetings or would like to create a major event for a corporate incentive package, the Tahoe Adventure Company can arrange it. Lake Kayaking, mountain biking (easy to moderate or all downhill), natural history hikes, rock climbing, and fully outfitted multi-sport trips are becoming more popular with businesses. Teambuilding elements can be added to any activity.

For more information on the Tahoe Adventure Company Team Building Programs, Corporate Events and Customized Adventures, visit or call toll free 866-830-6125 or 530-913-9212.

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