Bachelor parties get more relaxed, PG

Bachelor parties get more relaxed, PG
Date Published: 2006
By Andrew DiLuccia

The bachelor party has long been a clich for wild debauchery and adult entertainment. But as the years have gone on, many men are finding that scantly clad women and a lot of alcohol is not the only way to send their friends on to matrimony.

The days of getting the groom the night before his wedding and taking him out on a world-wind tour of adult fun has transformed to weekend trips a few weeks or so before the nuptials that involve many activities.

While the strip club and adult-themed bars are still a standby, golfing trips, poker parties, sports games, weekend trips and outdoors adventures are getting higher on the list of priorities.

Kayaking on Lake Tahoe is one of the many things you can do when going on a weekend trip run by the Tahoe Adventure Company.


Outdoor Adventure: Tahoe Adventure Company; 530-913-9212

"It kind of seems to me that the stripper thing is not quite as popular as it used to be," said fishing guide J.D. Richey, who charters several bachelor party fishing trips each year.

Richey gives the groom to be a fun day out on the river, and can accommodate any size of bachelor party. Fishing tournaments and teasing amongst the groom's party are some of the highlights on Richey's trips, and he finds that more and more men are choosing this type of activity. You can check out Richey's guide service at

Being close to the Lake Tahoe area, there are plenty of outdoors adventures to be had, and the people at Tahoe Adventure Company are happy to oblige.

"I think the travel market has grown by leaps and bounds the last few years," said Kevin Hickey, owner of Tahoe Adventure Company. "We had a group of guys last summer, only seven of them. They came out and we did a two-day multiple sports trip."

Hickey's company, based in Tahoe City, offers everything from lake kayaking to mountain climbing and biking. He can also accommodate groups as large as 130 people. Check them out at

And of course there is always the big draw of destination trips like heading off to Las Vegas or even Reno, where there are many bachelor activities.

Tahoe Adventure Company - 7010 N Lake Blvd, Tahoe Vista, CA 96148 - (530) 913-9212