The Secret Season is Upon Us

The Secret Season is Upon Us
The crazed summer months in Lake Tahoe are slowly calming down, which means it is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the lasting warm weather. After all the back-to-school shopping is over, locals and last minute summer vacationers should kick back and enjoy the good weather that the Secret Season in Lake Tahoe brings us.

Get Out on the Water
Before we know it the lake will get that look about it, you know, the one that gets the teeth chattering even if you are bundled up and inside. Take advantage of the warm end of the summer sun and get out on the lake while it's still nice! Whether it's a stand up paddleboard adventure with the whole family, or a kayak excursion on the glassy lake, make sure you make time for some end of the season exploring on the lake!

With a few more dates for upcoming full moon and star gazing kayak tours, make sure to hop on a galactic adventure while it's still possible!

Star Tours:
There is only one more date for getting out on a kayak and viewing the splendor of a Lake Tahoe night sky from the middle of the lake. Join in on the fun and learn about the glorious sky on Sept 7.

Full Moon:
The full moon shining down on the calm waters of Lake Tahoe might be one of the most spectacular sights, and it is even better on a kayak! With one more summer full moon tour left, don't miss out on this opportunity to see the sky from a different perspective. The last chance to see this spectacular sight is Sept 19.

Explore on Land
From mountain biking to rock climbing, the Secret Season is the perfect time to plan those last minute summer adventures. With winter weather just around the corner, Lake Tahoe visitors and locals should be getting out in the summer sun while it's still around. Try your hand at rock climbing, or explore Lake Tahoe on mountain bike.

With so many outdoor things to do in Lake Tahoe, the Secret Season provides the perfect amount of everything: sunshine, time off, and opportunity for adventure! So grab your kids, your sweetheart, your grandma or your dog and get outside to enjoy the lasting warm weather and quiet end of the summer season in Lake Tahoe!

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