The Basics of Mountain Biking

The Basics of Mountain Biking
One of the most exciting on-land adventures Tahoe has to offer are the many diverse mountain biking trails. Plan your next family outing with biking tours ranging the scenic Truckee River bike path, to the single track biking trails with views of Lake Tahoe. When getting out there, here are a few tips to remember before hitting the trails and even the brakes.

One of the most important things to mountain biking is staying relaxed as it is very easy to lock up your elbows and white knuckle it down the trail. The adventure will be far more enjoyable and your body will be more forgiving afterword if you can remember to stay loose and bend your elbows and knees.

Going Up Hill
Notes to remember when peddling up hill is to shift into a lower gear, stay seated to avoid sliding out, lean forward to help weight the front end, and keep peddling as the slower you go through certain sections, the harder you will work.

Going Down Hill
When cycling downhill remember to shift up into a higher gear, stay loose, rise above the seat and keep pedals parallel to the ground with your front foot slightly higher.

Stay Focused
Remaining focused is key while keeping an eye out for rocks, holes, bumps, sticks and any other such obstacles. Additionally, steer with your body and allow your shoulders to guide you through the trail.

With these tips, the most important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy the ride. Literally. For more information on available mountain biking trails and tours visit our site or give us a call. All tours will be led by our knowledgeable team of guides and can be customized to fit all levels of bikers.

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